About Us

The ENTERPRISE ‘THE EXPERT COUNCIL OF THE UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF GEOLOGISTS’ (hereinafter – the Enterprise) was established on January 8, 2002 by the founder – the Public Organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ (UAG)

The Enterprise activity is guided by the Laws of Ukraine `On Entrepreneurship`, ‘OnEnterprises in Ukraine’, ‘On Citizens' Associations’ and other legislative acts and decisions of the Founder; the Enterprise is a legal entity, it has an independent balance, settlement and currency accounts.

The Enterprise performs a wide range of works, the main of which are:

  • assignment of expert opinions on geological exploration and mining projects, creating the geological-geophysical and geological-geochemical information and other geological services;
  • prognostication and evaluation of mineral resources;
  • geotourism;
  • realization of scientific and thematic works on geological, geophysical and geochemical regional research, geology of solid minerals, hydrocarbons, groundwater, ecology of the geological environment, engineering geology, etc.;
  • scientific and technical research and development, engineering and development works; organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, contests;
  • consulting service on geological exploration (EW) and mining works (MW);
  • educational and methodical activity;
  • holding the full complex of the EW (from designing to drawing up a report) on solid minerals and groundwater in accord with international standards (the JORC Codex etc);
  • the service – geological support of various types and stages of EW and MW;
  • onstructing the structure and maintenance of databases in geological studies and use of subsoil; implementation of modern software products in geological and mining-geological industries;
  • development and expertise of innovative projects (business plans) on subsoil use, including recultivation and protection of suboil;
  • services in the field of ecology and environmental management;
  • calculation of the geological information cost as well as mineral resources and reserves, permition of subsoil usage.

In order to realize the objectives, the Enterprise has the right:

  • to conclude and implement agreements and other legal acts with Ukrainian and foreign entities, to use the rights of the plaintiff, defendant in the courts of Ukraine and other states;
  • to employ the personnel of the Enterprise on the terms of contracts and on the terms established by the current legislation, to independently establish forms, systems and rates of salary amount and other types of incomes of personnel;
  • to organize own or to organize business trips on holding works, commercial negotiations and other purposes of the Enterprise;
  • to involve Ukrainian and foreign Enterprises and specialists (including sub-contracting) for holding works and services related to closing and execution of the deals;
  • to establish prices in national and foreign currencies for performance of works (provision of services) independently with regard to self-financing and self-sustainment, as well as market conjecture;
  • to use bank loans in national and foreign currencies.

The Enterprise has the right to hold any actions provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The administrative and executive organ of the Enterprise is the Assembly headed by the Head of the Assembly. The Head of the Assembly organizes the work of the Enterprise and bears personal responsibility for its activities. The Head of the Assembly is appointed and dismissed from the post by the Founder. Since July 2020 this post is occupied by Yuliia Demchuk.

The Head of the Assembly manages the operational activities of the Enterprise, closing the deals and other legal acts, opens bank and other accounts; determines the structure and amount of the information, which is a commercial secret; in accordance with the established procedure accepts and dismisses the personnel of the Enterprise, solves the issues of stimulating labor, issues orders.

The Head of the Assembly has the right to appoint and dismiss deputies in the areas of activity. The Head of the Assembly has the First Deputy, Deputies of the Head of the Assembly within the limits of their competence have the right to act on behalf of the Enterprise, to represent it in institutions,Enterprises and organizations of Ukraine and abroad. From February 2016, the position of the First Deputy of The Head of the Assembly is occupied by Mykhaylo Gaychenko.

The Head of the Assembly to resolve certain issues of substantive activity of the Enterprise, creates expert commissions for specialists of the relevant field, who are working on a negotiable basis of afixed-term employment agreement or otherwise.

Foreign-economic activity of the Enterprise is held on the basis of self-sufficiency and self-financing currency.

The Enterprise may hold export-import operations and other types of foreign economic activity directly or through an intermediary in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine and the laws of the countries where the foreign economic activity is held.

Since 2015, the COMPANY has been working on international projects launched by the European Federation of Geologists by support of the Horizon2020 projects – KINDRA, INTRAW, UNEXMIN, CHPM2030, INFACT, CROWDTHERMAL, REFLECT.

To specialists in the relevant fields: if you want to participate in these projects, please contact the secretariat and the management of the Enterprise.