Chronicle of Events

13 march 2020, 18:34 Fundraising Training
The chairman of the board of the PO Ukrainian Association of Geologists Hanna Liventseva studied fundraising techniques during a two-day training organized by the Women's Energy Club of Ukraine.

25 february 2020, 11:31 Participation of PO ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ in the work of the Committee for Hydrogen Energy
On February 24, 2020, PO ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’, represented by its scientific secretary, participated in the work of the Committee on Hydrogen Energy, consisting of representatives of industry and scientific organizations.

13 february 2020, 18:18 Оn the way to rational use of resources and ecosystem conservation!
This week we took part in a special meeting with representatives of the Public Council of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, other public organizations and heads of departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

12 february 2020, 13:23 Specialized Exhibition of the Oil and Gas Industry ‘Oil. Gas. Service. 2020’
Hanna Liventseva, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists, took part in the Conference ‘The Situation in the Drilling and Services Market. What does Ukrainian gas production await in 2020?’ hold as part of the exhibition Oil. Gas. Service. 2020’.

07 february 2020, 18:17 ‘Eco-Techno Ukraine 2020’
The competition for students ‘Eco-techno Ukraine 2020’ has ended in Kyiv.

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